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WABCO Product Training

ZF [pro]Academy offers a range of technical training programs featuring the installation, diagnosis, and maintenance of commercial vehicle air braking systems. It also provides training from electronically controlled braking and driving dynamics control systems developed and manufactured by WABCO. Our range of product and technical trainings are suitable for the following audiences:

  • Mechanics (WABCO Service Partners, independent workshops, in-house workshops)
  • Workshop workers and shift foremen
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Service managers
  • Fleet maintenance responsibles
  • Truck inspectors

The ZF [pro]Academy product and technical trainings can be accessed in 18 training centers worldwide, while many offerings are also available as online trainings via the WABCO Online Academy.

Participants of the ZF [pro]Academy product trainings receive at the end of their successful tuition program the diagnostic software PIN code which activates all functionalities.

Our technical trainings are localized in a wide range of languages, including, but not limited to, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese.

ZF [pro]Academy customers also benefit from frequent free training updates for their WABCO aftermarket products and from the quality mark of being certified by one of the leading automotive industry learning providers.

For a complete training offering available in your country, feel free to browse our learning programs or access the ZF [pro]Academy Country Training Catalogs. 


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