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TX-TRAILERPULSE e-Learning for WABCO Service Partners now live

WABCO Academy launches the new TX-TRAILERPULSE e-Learning for WABCO Service Partners [WSP] with Trailer EBS training (for those who have already obtained their PIN for the T-EBS Diagnostic Software).

The TX-TRAILERPULSE e-Learning is designed to support WABCO Service Partners correctly install, connect, activate, and check the TX-TRAILERPULSE Field Management System for their fleet customers who have purchased the WABCO TX-TRAILERPULSE Solution.

WABCO TX-TRAILERPULSE is a compact telematics device for trailers equipped with the WABCO EBS system. Next to providing simple Track & Trace data, TX-TRAILERPULSE also supplies rich EBS information for monitoring trailer T-EBS and the technical health of the trailer. [Read more].

The TX-TRAILERPULSE e-Learning for WSP contains a solution overview, step-by-step installation instructions, including a guide to correctly select the required connection cables depending on the trailer’s EBS system configuration, as well as how-to-videos for activating the TX-TRAILERPULSE functions in the WABCO T-EBS E Diagnostic Software, and for performing the TX-TRAILERPULSE installation health check with the help of the dedicated web app.

The full WABCO TX-TRAILERPULSE installation manual as well as a high-resolution poster with all possible EBS connection cables configurations will be available to all e-Learning participants for download.

WSP mechanics with previous EBS E training and PIN can register for the TX-TRAILERPULSE e-Learning here. The course is offered in multiple languages and enrolled participants will be able to access the content and downloadable materials for up to one year after registration, including free documentation updates and new language translations. [Read more]


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