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Driver training: intoxication effects awareness with simulation glasses

At WABCO Academy, we strive to run the extra mile and provide our customers with extra helpful learning content, even for legally mandatory trainings, which professional drivers in the European Union have to undergo regularly. 

This year we have launched an additional module designed to show professional drivers the effects of intoxication through alcohol, drugs, or certain medication, on the reaction capacity and driving experience.  Our seasoned trainers will use special intoxication simulating glasses and specific motility exercises to demonstrate the degree of impairment which intoxication produces over the bodily coordination functions. 

According to a Reuters study, the use of impairing substances by truck drivers worldwide is at an all-time high, generating thousands of accidents on busy high-ways, many with casualties. This report covers only illegal substances and does not account for the likely more frequent cases on intoxication through common medication (e.g. many anti-flu drugs, or painkillers) for which driving is not recommended.


For this reason, WABCO Academy helps fleets raise awareness among their drivers, to the exact effect which these substances have on their driving skills and the risks associated. Through our Intoxication Awareness Training Module, drivers will have the opportunity to experience for the first time the difference between their normal reflexes and the altered state that intoxication induces, even when significant time has passed.

We will simulate not only a direct “drunken state” but also the residual effects of alcohol or medication used the day before, considering the time it takes for the body to metabolize the entire quantity of substance. Through this we will raise awareness also on the effects of previous evening consumption, which may, in certain cases, affect the driving capacity of the next day.

At WABCO Academy we place safety among our highest values, and our customers do to. If you would like to learn more about this training module or receive a personalized offer for your fleet, please contact us and reference “intoxication awareness training” in your message. 


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