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This e-Learning is a step by step presentation of the new SP Adapter device, which is mandatory for every truck yearly technical braking systems safety inspection in Germany.

The course contains both the guidelines for the inspection steps, as well as practical tips regarding the use of SP Adapter associated inspection software programs.

Our practical exercises include interactive steps in using the SP Adapter programs, as well as important tips and troubleshooting methods:

  • Step by step inspection demonstration using the FSD software program
  • Setup and checking of the good functioning of the SP Adapter device
  • Presentation and various configuration options of the ASA-Livestream interface
  • Presentation and operating guidelines for the iKFZ program, which is as from 01.10.2017 mandatory for all safety inspection certified workshops in Germany

Target audience

  • German Safety Inspection (SP) certified experts

Your benefits

With our e-Learning program you can:

  • learn conveniently at any time, anywhere, in your own rhythm;
  • use the SP Adapter correctly and confidently
  • gain important knowledge of the regulatory updates, as well as practical tips on how to make your yearly truck safety inspection as efficient as possible

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SP Adapter e-learning languages

  • German

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