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Passenger Car Safety Driving Program Overview

Driving is for many a daily routine. We get on the road without too much thinking about unexpected happenings that may occur. But what if such an event does happen? A wrong assessment of the situation, a delayed and inappropriate reaction and this can quickly turn into an accident. 

The purpose of our training is to increase the driver’s awareness regarding the safe operation of their car, and regarding an adequate assessment of road conditions and events. This contributes significantly to an increased driving safety and correct behavior in all circumstances. 

During this training you will learn to properly assess dangerous situations in traffic, correct past wrong driving habits, get accustomed to an ergonomic driving position, simulate safe braking under various road and weather conditions (weather affected road is simulated on a special driving practicing circuit), avoid sudden obstacles, and correctly maneuver the car through various road turns.

Target audience

  • Passenger car drivers with a valid cat. B driver’s license regardless of driving experience
  • Sales representatives who are driving a company car (the driver safety training is mandatory in certain EU countries)

Your benefits

  • Increased safety, awareness and confidence in the daily driving routine
  • Heightened ability to assess and react promptly and optimally in various potentially dangerous situations
  • Decreased risk of incurring traffic incidents
  • Personal coaching from a highly experienced professional driver trainer
  • Individual practical sessions and feedback customized to each driver’s experience and abilities
  • Compliance with the mandatory safety driver training requirements for professional sales representatives driving a company car (e.g. Germany, Belgium and other EU countries)

Training costs subsidy possible!

Many employers’ liability insurance associations partially subsidize the costs of driver safety training, upon driver’s application with the competent body. For more information, please ask your employer or visit the website of the employers’ liability insurance association.

Dates and prices

  • The Passenger Car Safety Driver Training Program is available in Germany. Check out and subscribe to one of our training sessions
  • For on-demand sessions in other locations country wide, please contact us at +49 (0) 180 6 922 261* or at
  • The training fee is 150 EUR per participant. Drivers must bring their own vehicles to the training venue.
  • The duration of the training is one day.

*German phone-line, 0,20 EUR/call from German landlines and 0,60 EUR/call from German mobile phone numbers

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to offer you non-binding advice regarding our training offering.

Local contact phone numbers can be found here.

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